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Nicole Pierotti combines academic smarts with maternal wisdom to help parents conquer the challenges they face when raising babies and small children. A psychologist for over 19 years, Nicole has specialised in baby sleep and child behaviour for the past nine.

With 3 children of her own, she is well accustomed to the struggles that frequently drive parents crazy! Readers and clients easily relate to Nicole and find her methods not just incredibly insightful but also sanity-saving. Nicole’s website is a treasure trove of information accessible 24/7 … perfect, considering parenthood itself is a 24/7 commitment.

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Making Babies Smile

Today, like any other day, is buzzing with activity in Nicole and John Pierotti’s home, just like many other busy working parents who have a schedule that is unrelenting.

The difference between Nicole and the average mother is that she is a parenting expert.

Nicole is one of Townsville’s finest psychologists, starting out in a private practice 19 years ago in her home town of Ayr. The majority of clientele were locals who needed help with everything from depression, anxiety, eating disorders, grief, children, adults, substance abuse and family relationships. These early years were the underpinning foundations of what Nicole now calls her ‘building block years’.... READ MORE...



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