BabyCare: Caring for your Baby 0 - 6 Months

Nicole's Book & DVD for Mums to Be

Tired parents … crying baby … tired parents … crying baby. It doesn’t have to be that way; the cycle can be broken!

When you’re a new parent, well-meaning friends and relatives may delight in sharing with you their own woeful tales of sleep deprivation, endless crying and frazzled nerves. What may not occur to you in the midst of all this unsolicited advice is that babyhood can be enjoyable and wonderful. Educating yourself with the right information from the start will help you build a confident foundation. Baby Care will dispel the myths and alleviate the confusion so you can get on with the awesome task of peaceful parenting.

Nicole Pierotti – psychologist, parent, writer, columnist and sleep and behaviour expert – has lovingly distilled more than fifteen years of research and experience into this easy to read guide to caring for your baby.

Don’t just accept that every baby
cries a lot and sleeps very little.

Babies only cry if they are sick, hungry, uncomfortable or tired. Baby Care is the parenting companion that contains the answers you need to keep your baby healthy, well-fed and abundantly adored. Nicole recommends that you use the book in conjunction with the Baby Care DVD. The Book is really the text in an easy to read format that accompanies the DVD.

Hundreds of content parents have said that Baby Care was their saviour and have bought it as a gift for expectant friends.

Containing page after page of valuable wisdom for new parents, Baby Care is THE must-read book for new Mums and Dads. It’s quite literally a parenting revolution that will change your life! BUY NOW

Video footage from the BabyCare DVD of Nicole Pierotti in an actual Pre-Baby workshop with parents to be. WATCH NOW

Babyzoo Night Lights

cover Night Lights‘Gus’ & Tuff the turtle are adored by babies and toddlers. Carry him around the house and take him to bed at night. The light is safe to cuddle in bed as it does not get warm and it automatically shuts off after 10, 20 or 30 minutes. There are two brightness settings so the light can offer a soft or bright glow. Battery operated and available in two colours. Find out more

$24.95 + $10.00 Postage & Handling

** Please choose your preferred colour (Pink, Green or Grey).

Mije Baby Head Rest

baby-head-restFlat Head Syndrome most frequently occurs when a baby develops a preferred head position and as a result the back or side of the skull becomes mis-shapen from the constant pressure on one spot.  The simple concave design of the Mije Baby Head Rest helps reduce the pressure on a baby’s head that causes the flat spot condition in young infants. Find out more …

$39.95 + $10 Postage & Handling (available in pink or green)

Dinosnores  Relaxation CDs

Dinosnores web header 7cm h 13.55cm w72dpiDinosnores sleepy stories help children slow down, ready for sleep.

  • Each story CD runs for a full hour, helping to make sure children stay settled after falling asleep.  This even works for adults.
  • Calming natural soundscapes, evoke an imaginary world as well as masking distracting household noise
  • Strategies to encourage listening and language development - simple, specific instructions, using explanations and repetition.
  • Cool stuff to learn about nature - parents might pick up a few facts too!

Award winning stories that take your children on a imaginative journey full of sleepy little creatures and a few snoozy big ones too. Click here to see all titles and more information….

$22 + Free Postage

Breastmate: Breast feeding made easy


Breastmate is a breast feeding and recording device.  It is every parents answer to relieving stress of remembering and recording your babies feeding habits…. Find out more

$79.95 + $10 Postage & Handling


Gro Egg

Awarded 2006 Nursery Product of the Year, Australian Toy, Hobby and Nursery Fair.

Peace of mind at a glance – The innovative grobag egg changes colour to let you know at a glance whether the temperature of a room is too low, too high or just right, helping you maintain a safe sleeping environment for your baby. As an added bonus it even works well as a gentle night light. Find out more…

$64.95 + $10 Postage & Handling

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