New-Baby Workshop - by Nicole Pierotti

Nicole doing a Pre-Baby workshop with an Expectant Couple

Nicole doing a Pre-Baby workshop with an Expectant Couple

Nicole has spent 10 years putting together a one-on-one workshop for new parents to learn how to care for their baby.

Often parents leave hospital after focusing on pregnancy and birth to find themselves overwhelmed as they arrive home as too what their baby needs.  Wishing they had that 'Baby Manual'.

They find themselves trapped in an ongoing cycle of crying and feeding constantly. Parenting doesn't have to be this way.

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At this workshop learn " How to....."

Rosie and Lachlan, who was one of our Pre-Baby Workshop Parents

Rosie and Lachlan, who was one of our New-Baby Workshop Parents

  • Put your Baby to Sleep Easily
  • Know how much and how often your baby needs to be fed
  • Tell when your baby is Tired, they do tell you!
  • Avoid 'the crying'
  • Have a Content and Happy Baby

The New-Baby workshop is ideal to do in the first few weeks upon returning home.  The workshop is divided into two parts.

Part A - Feeding, Sleeping, Routines/On Demand, Sleeping Cues, Signs of Tiredness, Nappy Changing and more  - 1 hour

Part B -  Intelligence, Playing, Language, Dealing with your Baby when out n about, and What your Baby is Telling You - yes, your baby does communicate with you within hours of being born! - 1 hour

Cost & Times

The workshop in total is two hours, comprising of two one hour sessions a week apart.  The cost of each hour session is $178 and may be claimable on your private health fund (we recommend checking with your health fund to ensure coverage for psychology services). Where both parents attend a session the charge may be apportioned between the couple, increasing the total benefit received.

Nicole is passionate about educating new parents and assisting them to avoid many of the unknown pitfalls new parents make. Nicole encourages both parents to attend the sessions as this information is life changing and will help you both acheive a great start with your new baby.

To Book

All workshops are individual with Nicole and require an appointment, we have a few options for appointments:  Skype - Facetime - Phone or in our clinic.

For Skype - Facetime - Phone appointments you can use our online booking system click  Be sure to select 2 appointment slots - either together, one after the other or separate days!

Finlay - a Babysmiles happy sleeping baby

To come into our clinic, in Townsville, Queensland, Australia and  have an appointment

face to face:  please contact us to arrange.  Our wonderful staff can help to find a time that suits and answer any questions you may have. All workshops are individual with Nicole and require an appointment.

If you would like to meet Nicole in her clinic click here for our contact page & call or email us!! Our office hours are 9am-5pm Monday to Friday so call and speak to our great staff.

You can also purchase the DVD & Book Bundle "BabyCare the First Six months" on this age for further information.

Nicole Book & DVD BabyCare specifically for the first 6 months

In fact the DVD is actual edited footage of the workshop with a couple, ideal if you are unable to attend in person.  Simply buy the DVD and watch the workshop at your convenience.

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