Sleep has to be the most under-rated basic human necessity. That is, until we’re deprived of it and then it can take on monumental importance. A new baby arrives with its own sets of challenges which can frazzle even the most organised, experienced and determined parents.

24/7 help … Babysmiles is up when you are

Babysmiles is all about restoring balance to the world of sleep by helping parents understand more about what babies need and how they communicate. Written and presented by Nicole Pierotti, a psychologist with more than nineteen years’ experience, Babysmiles is an ever-growing collection of practical insights blended with professional expertise. Parents, even in their tired and foggy condition can absorb the considered wisdom and apply techniques that will work from the very first time. And because a great deal of Nicole’s information is available on the Babysmiles website, it’s available 24/7, whenever you need it.

The Babysmiles website invites parents to participate in their own health and wellbeing, and that of their baby, by taking advantage of valuable resources.

Babysmiles Membership

You need sleep; it’s not a luxury.  You also deserve a happy baby and to feel happy and fulfilled yourself. Don’t suffer in silence.Babysmiles membership is the tonic you need to not just get by, but for your family to thrive!By becoming a member you’ll receive access to:

  • Most frequently asked parent Q&As
  • Regular expert advice from Nicole
  • Ability to post comments
  • Access to the Parents 24/7 Support Forum

Recommended Resources

Enjoy free access to Nicole’s recommended resources which include regular articles, book suggestions and a range of tools that will help you cope and bond more closely with your new baby.Whether you’re looking to establish proper sleeping habits for your baby, solve existing sleep/behaviour problems or learn managing secrets, you’ll find scores of proven strategies within these web pages, any time of the day or night.


Nicole offers 1:1 parents’ coaching in person, via Skype or over the phone.This is a fabulous opportunity to ask Nicole the questions that relate to your specific situation and receive first-hand advice from the expert herself.Parents who are coached by Nicole experience incredible clarity and can truly move on from the anxiety-inducing sleep deprivation they thought was normal with a new baby.

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The Ultimate New Baby Manual – as decreed by Nicole’s grateful clients

Devotees of Babysmiles – formerly exhausted, heavily sleep-deprived parents – insist that Nicole’s materials should be considered the ‘Ultimate New Baby Manual’. Other baby sleep guides are relegated to the donation pile whilst Babysmiles delivers time and again on its promise to help parents reclaim the night.

Parents Nicole has helped commonly talk about their experiences as ‘pre-Nicole’ and ‘post-Nicole’ to mark the difference her assistance has made to their families’ lives.

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