Nicole's Pre-Baby Workshop

Nicole doing a workshop with an Expectant Couple

Parents tell us that this is a 'must do workshop before your baby arrives and the most useful and expert information they have ever received!' We love to educate parents!!

Part A - Covers Feeding, Sleeping, Routines/On demand, Sleeping Cues, Signs of Tiredness, Nappy Changing and more - 2 hours

Part B - Intelligence, Playing, Language, Tips for Dealing with your Baby when out n about, and What your Baby is Telling You - 2 hours

All parents who do our workshop have Happy Babies and then they as parents are Happy Too!

Pro-family-210x300Cost & Times

Each part is 2 hrs in length.  The usual cost for a 2 hour session with Nicole is $356 BUT for this workshop only the total cost is $195!  Why?  Nicole is passionate about educating new parents so that they can avoid a lot of the unknown pitfalls new parents make so she offers the workshop 2 hour session at $195 to encourage parents-to-be to have access to this life changing information.  This is claimable on private health funds also.

** Pictured to the right: Sarah and Chris that done our pre-baby workshop and now believe it set them on the path to wonderful parenting. 

To Book

All appointments are available by phone, skype or face to face for your convienence

All appointments are available by phone, Skype, Facetime or face to face for your convienence

All workshops are individual with Nicole and require an appointment, please contact us to arrange and book your 2 hour workshop - workshops can be done face-to-face, phone, Facetime or Skype click here and contact us today

You can also purchase the DVD & Book Bundle "BabyCare the First Six months" on this age for further information

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In fact the DVD is actual edited footage of the workshop with a couple, ideal if you are unable to attend in person.

Simply buy the DVD and watch the workshop at your convenience.

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