By Karen Torrisi

Do your toddlers and/or children help out around the house??? Do you know that doing chores and helping out around the house not only helps you but helps your child!!!

No your not asking to much, you may need to start with.... once you have done the chores then you can ... Ie watch tv, go outside, play, etc. The younger you start this process the easier it is, just becomes routine and keeps the little ones grounded.

Tip 1: One of the best ways to teach children responsibility is to give them chores to do around the house. Now i'm not saying get your toddler to wash plates or anything, i'm just saying age appropriate things like putting toys away, tidying etc.... Start small when they younger.

Tip #2: Let's face it.... chores are not glamorous, but it’s necessary, and knowing how to do it efficiently and effectively is a life skill and something children are better to learn from a young age. Remember ...They don't have to do the chores perfectly!!!

Tip #3: Not only are helping out and doing chores good for self esteem and confidence it's also targets the issue of values. Insisting on chores sends children the message that being part of a family means pitching in and doing things to help and for the greater good.

Tip #4: Make a chore chart and even put mum & dad on them and the little ones can tick these off as. Kids LOVE charts especially when stickers are involved.  Go to the cheap shops and buy some $2 stickers and use these for their chore chart

Tip #5: Although helping out has it benefits, sometimes incentives can help depending on age. Using pocket money or making technology goodies like iPad/tablet or video game access contingent on certain chores being done is also a good way of teaching responsibility. Pocket money shows that you have work in order to get $$$$....

Tip #6: Don't turn chores into punishment... Chores regardless of your child's behaviour needs to be done so set limits.

Tip #7: Be consistent and clear with your wording to all children.... Don't say 'Clean your room' as this is vague and it won't get done. Instead say, put your toys in the toy box, books on your shelf and clothes in your closet...

This goes for all age groups even dads LOL

Lastly Remember ..... Don't insist on perfection, Establish a routine, be consistent, keep it manageable and HAVE FUN!!! Chores don't have to be boring, put some music on whilst doing chores and do it together!!!


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