Sue Jenner (Bloomsbury Publishing)
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The proven key to a happier family.

The Parent/Child Game is about giving parents the knowledge that psychologists and other professional use for families and this knowledge guarantees successful parenting and families that work well. It’s key focus is that the moment your child starts to behave well, you must praise them.  And how to explain at a level which you know your child will understand.

Nicole’s Comment:  I recommend this book because if you read this and apply the knowledge and secrets here you will put your family off on a tremendous start in your enjoyment of parenting and your baby’s behaviour will be easily delt with.  I believe is starting off in the right way rather than having to change your parenting or child’s behaviour later.  This is invaluable.


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One Response to The Parent/Child Game by Sue Jenner

  1. Ibraim says:

    Yes I would. I have done so in the past and will continue to do so.Just beaucse someone isn’t a parent doesn’t mean they are incapable of giving good advice. Where I live, sadly a lot of the SAHM’s don’t stay home at all-they spend 90% of their time socializing, and their live in nanny’s raise their children. Those nannies are much more capable and knowledgeable than the children’s actual parents.I have received plenty of good advice and opinions from people that aren’t parents. My 15yo who obviously has no children gives fantastic advice based on her experiences she has gained from being around her younger siblings, and friends children. She’s more capable than a lot of mothers I have met. In fact her close friend who is the eldest of 6 children has given me GREAT advice, and she is not a parent. But she basically raised those little kids, and I find her opinions and advice to be very mature, intelligent and reliable.Has no one else ever heard a parent give terrible advice? Sure, being a mom or dad is a unique experience, but it doesn’t mean others advice is not valuable or worth taking on board.

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