No more nappies - A step by step guide

Toilet Training Book ~ No More Nappies


It’s an important milestone and knowing where to start and having steps that can guide you through the process, really puts you a step ahead.

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Going to the toilet seems simply right.... UNTIL you have to train a toddler that is! 

NO MORE NAPPIES: A STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO TOILET TRAINING A TODDLERWritten with wisdom and love by child psychologist and mum of three, Nicole Pierotti, this easy to read book is full of handy tips and insight into toddler thinking and motivation.

Filled with honest, realistic and positive advice, and simplified science-stuff that even the most stressed out parent can understand.  This clever manual covers all of your concerns and all the embarrassing bits you don’t want to ask other parents.

Packed with clever and inventive tips, checklists and charts, this guide helps you face and conquer what would usually be a very daunting task.




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