pregnant-woman-sleeping-on-sideHere are a few quick tips if you're thinking of getting pregnant.

1. There is known consensus that women are affected with fertility as they get older BUT it also affects men!!! Research suggest that the average first time day is now around 33 and
five nutrients can improve sperm-DNA quality in older men: Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Beta-Carotene, Folic acid and Zinc.

2. Danish research has suggested that 5 or more cups of coffee a day can lessen your chances of conceiving... and half if trailing with IVF

3. Beware of what you consume ie. medication.
If you're NOT trying to conceive, be aware that certain antibiotics can interfere with hormonal contraceptives, therefore always check with your GP.

4. Also beware of foods... It is best to eat fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein. Also you should pay close attention to the foods you should avoid... cut back on sugar and fatty foods, avoid trans-fats, scale back on artificial sweeteners, and stop using any recreational or diet drugs. Avoid Alcohol, soya products, caffeine, undercooked eggs, meats, eggs, or fish or unpasteurized cheeses could put you at risk for salmonella, listeria, or other food-borne bacteria. ALSO... try to maintain a healthy diet, under-eating or over-eating can throw off your estrogen levels and affecting you conceiving

5. Your weight can affect your chances of conceiving, being over or under weight can put you at increased risk of fertility troubles. Therefore, consult your GP in regards to your BMI or weight issues if you are concerned.

6. Timing is everything - Do you know when the best time to have sex to get pregnant is? According to a recent Fertility survey, two thirds of Australians don't! The best time for baby-making is in the middle week between periods....more specifically, the three days just prior to and during ovulation. .... Happy baby making...

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  1. Melson says:

    Thank you for giving tips.All these tips are very helpful to a pregnant woman to give birth to healthy baby.

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