iStock_000007889488Mediumhappyfamily1“Random hugs and kisses from my daughter”

I love children and as a psychologist I find myself observing and smiling at their carefree expressions.

Children have a very carefree way in which they express themselves and their love. They dance and skip through shopping centres. They constantly climb onto your lap just to be nearer to you. They slide their little hand into yours as you go about your way. As they grow older they tell you with their words that they love you. They smile, bounce and look in amazement that the smallest or simplest of things. An ant crawling along. A butterfly stuck in a number plate at the shopping centre car park.

Children smile at everyone. They gleefully run up and give a cuddle if they just feel like it. They sing if the desire pops up, they chat eagerly to people around them.

I love to watch children and often find myself smiling at their carefree expressions of themselves, their love and their curious enquiring mind as I go about my day. They live in the moment and notice the little things. It is the little things that give genuine pleasure to life. Often as adults we are too busy to notice the little things. The birds singing, the leaf on the pavement, the butterfly on the numberplate.

Children centre us on what is really important in life, the little things. Not usually the things on our list to do for the day. A great deal can be learnt from children I believe. Psychology today, focus’s on trying to make us happier and find meaning in our lives by mindfulness and being in the present moment – children do this naturally and freely. Perhaps the next time you need to re-focus on what you love, spend some time with a child, they will show you and are great teachers.

If you do nothing else for yourself today, ask yourself ‘what do i love’ and once you find the answers work out how to put more of what you love in your life. As children grow older they lose their carefree ability to express their love, help them find what they love to do and create opportunities for them to explore whether it be art, music, books, family time, hugs, dance or exercise. Be sure to pencil into your day, time spend doing the things you love as a family, together. Spending time doing what you love, will bring happiness into your life.

I’ve asked everyone in recent weeks what they love, most have answered my question after firstly looking at me a little strangely, and the answers have all been different, “Random hugs and kisses from my daughter” thanks Audrey, I agree.


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