Tips on entertaining kids while you pack & move

The inevitable has happened, you are moving house.  Whether it be due to jobs, upgrading, downsizing, relationships ending you now have the not so enviable job of packing up everything you own, sorting through piles of stuff, boxing, labeling, stacking, trucking and unpacking.  They say moving house is right up there with death and divorce as far as stress levels go!  Now lets add in a couple of kids or more into this mix, who are eager to help, yet make it take 3 times as long.  Here is some tips and activities  to keep them entertained on moving day and out from under your feet.

Stock up on some new activity books, stickers books, pencils, and create a space in a corner when you are supervising the packing  for them to create a ‘cubby’ and they will become busy with all their bits n pieces.

You can even have them create their own moving scrapbook with photos, drawings, notes, mementos – so have the scrapbook, sticky tape, glue on hand and they can work on this while you are packing.  You can print one out from "children moving house scrapbook website".

Let your kids pack their own boxes of toys.  When packed and taped, get them to colour/decorate  the boxes with pens, and lots of colourful stickers.  Be sure to pack their favourite books on the top, so they are easily found at the other end.

When it comes to packing all the boxes in the van, set up a few ‘spectator’ chairs on the footpath, to keep them out from under your or the removalists feet, complete with snacks and camera to take photos of the move…. A checklist of items for them to spot going into the van is a great idea as well.  They tick them off as they spot them.

Put their boxes of toys and bits n pieces in last so that they are the first boxes unloaded.  When you get to the other end, unpack their toys first and don’t worry to much about unpacking everything, try to organize their bedroom and essentials first.

Be sure to go through the old house and say ‘goodbye’ or talk about favourite memories of different rooms before you leave.  If you have a favourite plant or flower, dig up one and pot it and take it with you to the new house.

First night there, don’t stress too much about unpacking go have a favourite meal and an ice-cream, there is always tomorrow.

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  1. Elham says:

    I have a son, It was very hard for me to move last year because he left his friends.

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