by Karen Torrisi

back-to-schoolHow Much is Too Much: Parents are often ask this question about extra curricular activities or if they have busy lifestyles. Do you run around all day every day with the kids??? Here are some things to think about ....

1.  Do your kids have down time each day? relaxing time, where you are not rushing from one activitiy to the next??

2. Do your children look or act tired, irritable or grumpy? if so these are signs of stress, just like adults and therefore need to slow down.

 3.  Are you as a parent just a taxi driver? living out of your car? Do you connect and talk to your kids besides for car time??

4.  have they lost interest in some of their activites? If so, this often happens when doing too much..

5.  Do you have meals together as a family at night? Are your Children all home for meal time? This is very important and phones, TV and other gadgets/toys should be out of sight. This should be family time and you should try and do this each night, i know its hard with our busy lifestyles and working late but do try!!

6.  Now for you parents... Your kids are the most important things in your life but like children you need time too. Make sure you make time (with kids in toe) to catch up with your friends for BBQs or Coffee. Everyone needs a support system!!

7.  Lastly: Remember life is short and children grow up way too fast. Don't overload your days with running around or having children in too many after school activities. Just running under the sprinkler at home, building cubby houses and having imagination time at home also helps with decision making, social skills, cognition and is also fun for you and the kids. Have fun with life!!

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