1. iStock_000014428196XSmallHave a simple & realistic routine that has guidelines rather than planned and timed  intervals to the minute. 6am – 6pm.  Awake time is under 60mins in first 12 wks.
  2. Learn to read your baby signs
  3. Avoid Snack Feeding:   snack feeding = cat naps... Feed every 2-3 -4 hours instead.
  4. It’s not your job to ‘get your baby’ to sleep
  5. Babies cry – yes they do!  They will not break.
  6. Do not rush in when they wake from a sleep.  Ever.  Wait 5 mins
  7. What’s your baby’s sleep checklist?  Make sure it doesn’t involve you.
  8. Happy awake time – when they become ‘scratchy’  you need to get your baby organized for sleep
  9. Protect  your baby from overtiredness.  When they are tired, take them home or away from others and get them ready for sleep ASAP.  Look for their window of opportunity.
  10. Have a place for them to sleep – it is your job to make sure they always have a place to sleep when needed.
  11. Get outside! Avoid staying in the house all day, go outside you will both feel better.
  12. By mid afternoon, rescue, do what you need to get your baby to sleep.  No day is perfect.  Start again tomorrow
  13. Be choosy about taking advice. Lots of people will offer advice listen to professionals or to parents who are on the right track.  Ignore the rest. Not all advice is the right advice.
  14. Be consistent as much as you can.  There will be hiccups, teething, sickness, crying, just keep being consistent.
  15. Turn your baby monitor off.  Avoid spending hours listening to every sound your baby makes and turn it off and relax.  They will be fine.....


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