Breast Mate is a breast feeding timer and recording device! It is every parents answer to relieving the stress of remembering and recording your baby's feeding habits!

Breast MateĀ® performs and includes the following functions:

  • Displays date and time
  • Displays and records total feeding time on each breast
  • Displays which breast side your baby finished feeding on Highlights which breast side to start the feed from when the next feed is due
  • Displays and records a 7 day history of feeding pattern
  • Displays total number of feeds in a 24 hour period Alarm function to set for next feed or as a general reminder eg. medication etc. Nightlight Colour changing room thermometer indicating red for too hot and blue for too cold
  • Interchanging face plates to coordinate to your nursery
  • Docking station for ease while feeding and to charge battery Mains or rechargeable battery powered (batteries included) with a battery low warning signal
  • USB port to download information direct to your Microsoft Windows based computer. Information recorded is then displayed on a spreadsheet with graphs to highlight feeding patterns.
  • Also allows you to include additional information such as weight, milestones etc. to report to your maternal health nurse

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