PottyMD Wet-Stop 3 Bed Wetting Alarm "Since 1979"

Wet StopThe PottyMD Labs Wet-Stop 3 enuresis or urine alarm teaches nighttime dryness with a buzzer / alarm attached to the pajamas near the ear and a moisture sensor held onto ordinary underwear.

Over 200,000 Wet-Stops sold since 1979. Let us help your child stop bedwetting too! Use this device to break bedwetting.

Wet-Stop 3 bedwetting urine alarm is convenient as well as effective. The Wet-Stop3 urine buzzer reacts immediately to the first few drops of moisture, teaching the child to stop the flow of urine before the bed becomes wet. During this learning process, dry underpants will be needed but the family will be spared the bother of remaking the entire bed. In less than six months, many children will no longer require use of the Wet-Stop3 bed wetting alarm.

If your child wants to stop bedwetting, this alarm is for you. This helps the child determine his urination patterns at night. It will help you know at what time during the night your child is urinating. The bedwetting alarm will help your child regain their self-confidence and prepare them for sleepovers.

Comes with a Free Book "The complete Bedwetting Book by Dr Preston Smith MD


  • Magnetic shirt fastener (no pins)
  • 5 variable volume and tone controls
  • Flashing LED button
  • Requires Only 2 AAA Batteries
  • Replaceable Easy-to-Dry, Easy-to-attach sensor
  • 2-step turn off process
  • calendar and sticker reward system
  • CD with "The Complete Bedwetting Book"
  • Instructions in six languages
  • One-year warranty against defects

Wet-stop3 bedwetting alarm Kit Contains:

  • Alarm & Sensor
  • Instructions for use
  • Calendar, Stickers
  • CD with "The Complete Bedwetting Book"

$79.95 + $6 postage

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