baby-head-rest-1Flat Head Syndrome most frequently occurs when a baby develops a preferred head position and as a result the back or side of the skull becomes mis-shapen from the constant pressure on one spot.

The simple concave design of the Mije Baby Head Rest (available in pink or green) helps reduce the pressure on a baby's head that causes the flat spot condition in young infants.

Made from shape memory foam with a soft cotton cover, this head rest is the ideal shape to support a baby's head andreduce the risk of Flat Head.

The Baby Head Rest can be used in a variety of places: in the cot with the baby positioned on their back, playing on the floor, in a stroller or even in a car seat. The flat head pillow does not restrict the natural movement of a baby's head.


The Mije Baby Head Rest is recommended for newborns 0-4 months of age or until the baby has begun to roll. It should only be used while the baby is on their back.

The baby head rest is not a traditional pillow and does not lift baby’s head. Rather, it provides gentle cradling to eliminate pressure on the skull.

Using the Mije baby head rest from day one may dramatically reduce the risk of baby developing flat-head syndrome and the need for corrective treatment, such as helmet therapy.

If within 4 months of birth, a flat spot is detected, the baby head rest may prevent it from worsening and can often correct the condition

Seek medical advice about any change in your baby's head shape.

More Information on Baby Head Shape and Flat Head in Babies

For more information about what is flat head syndrome, causes and how to prevent flat head in babies (click here) please look at the information provided on The Royal Childre's Hospital Melbourne website.

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    Hi, just wondering if an 8 month old can use it? She still sleeps on her back

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