October 2018: Baby Sleep Workshop


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Baby Sleep Workshop with Nicole Pierotti

babysmiles workshop with Nicole Pierotti Nicole has spent 10 years putting together a one-on-one workshop for parents to learn how to care for children.  This is a general sleep workshop for pre-baby & babies up to 4-5 months.  Often parents find themselves with a whole new set of challenges when children start waking constantly during the night
or even intermittently for no reason, especially when they are toddlers or older.  Nicole will run this 2 hr group workshop and educate parents on sleep and everything in between.

What will Nicole talk about - 

Babies do not come with a user manual.....  Nicole will take you through day & night routines, sleep cues, healthy Sleep and self settling

IDEAL for pre-pregnancy, new borns up to 4 months

Baby workshop with Nicole PierottiPrice : $30 per person

Date: 20th October 2018

Time: 9:30am (arrive at 9:15am for 9:30am start)

Place: Quest on Eyre Apartments, North Ward (1st Floor) Click HERE for map

Parking: Onsite, drive into the driveway and buzz the buzzer and tell reception you are here for Workshop. Alternatively, there is street parking.

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