120103165012Question - How can I get my six month old to sleep during the day when it’s so hot. Unfortunately we’ve bought a house recently that doesn’t have aircon and I’m finding it nearly impossible to get my bub down for a sleep during the day. Is it OK to put her down to sleep in a pram in the living room where it’s cooler than in the bedroom. I don’t have too much trouble at night as her room is not as hot at night. TK

Nicole's Answer - The weather has been extremely hot of late and rightly so it is difficult for anyone to sleep if they are not cool enough. Firstly just stick to a bare minimum of clothing and forego wraps & sleeping bags where possible. Cooling the room is a better first option and there are a variety of ways other than air condition, which I’m assuming you’ve tried or looked into. Think fans, cooling evaporator fans. Having said that there certainly is hotter rooms of the house than others.

It is quite okay to put your baby to sleep in another room during the day. Obviously a bedroom is a better choice as you can close the door or keep the noise of the house to a minimum as they are usually further from the living areas.

However if you have explored all these options then yes, it is fine to sleep your baby in the lounge room if it is a much cooler room than the rest of the house. If you are worried about her sleeping in two different places and being confused then don’t be. I actually recommend to parents from an early age to sleep their baby in a variety of places, rooms and ways. It makes babies more flexible with where they sleep. If they only ever sleep in their cot then it will be difficult for them to sleep elsewhere, that hows strong those sleeping cues are.

Using your pram is fine, however I would just think about other sleep options as well taking into account the age of your baby. For a newborn sleeping in the pram is quite fine though prams themselves can be hot depending how much airflow you can get through your pram. Some prams allow you to open up the back material cover and let the air flow through. You then need to consider safety, if your baby is moving and rolling then they really need to be strapped in and this isn’t really that comfortable when it comes to sleep. A baby of six months of age, is fairly mobile and may also find the pram constricting as they try to move. Consider a play pen with a cool cotton rug on the floor or if you have a porta cot then this is ideal. As the summer months are not that long finding a secondhand playpen or portacot is a smart idea. Your baby will be more comfortable with more room to move. If you do go with the pram option be sure to lay it flat or as flat as can be as your baby’s spine isn’t designed to sleep for hours in an elevated position.

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