Tired at work and run down?  How’s your sleep?

Our workplaces tolerate even promote very little sleep
Yawning mom-picSleep is one of the basics that everybody needs – food, water, oxygen and sleep.  Yet sleep in our fast paced modern world is one that seems to be continually compromised.  Recently I was reading yet another study about the importance of sleep and one very striking comment that has stayed with me is that ‘ our workplaces tolerate and often even promote very little sleep, colleagues often are heard boasting over coffee how many hours they worked the day before and how little sleep they had. It continued...  as bosses we would not tolerate someone coming to work drunk not one bit, however we tolerate even admire people coming to work sleep deprived’ The study continued to compare the affects of alcohol and how your brain and body responds to the affects of being sleep deprived.  The similarities were stunning and stark.

Now let’s just think about this – we tolerate and dismiss our children being tired and not getting enough sleep, I have seen children yawning in classrooms at 9am.  What chance have they for learning new information and remembering it for the rest of the day?  We do the same with babies and toddlers.  We tolerate and dismiss our employees for being tired as well, how are they going to work efficiently, perform to their best, remember and retain new information that day at work?

No matter what your job is - if performing to the best of your ability is important to you or really influences the health of others, making sleep a priority in your life will have an enormous impact.  If your sleep is compromised by a baby or a child then shrugging your shoulders and thinking ‘that’s just how it is’ for young children is a myth, babies and children need sleep to be at their best, in their best mood, cope with the day, concentrate, remember, learn and recall.  Not to mention how being sleep deprived actually compromises our immune system and we get sick often.

If you have an worker/employee who is sleep deprived it would be in the best interests of your organization / business to support that worker to solve their sleep problem so you can maximize their performance not have someone who performs as ‘though they are under the influence of alcohol’.  Sleep or lack of affects you psychologically, physically and emotionally, once you solve a sleep problem it certainly is life changing.

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