Just about every night in our house you can hear the call “NEXT for the bath, hurry, the waters going down the drain, it’s not good for the environment” and it’s not just me who says this.  This concept was introduced into our house by our school.  A couple of years ago our school spent a great deal of time talking and educating our kids about the environment, the dangers our planet faces and what they can do to improve the odds.

The idea that kids can go green is a natural match.  Kids are so inquisitive and eager to learn about our planet and are just as concerned about the earth as adults are. The types of lessons my kids learnt from their school involved our family recording quite a bit of data with my son timing our showers, timing our teeth cleaning and checking if the tap was turned off as we all brushed.  We collected water from the shower in buckets and watered the plants.  Switched off lights and air conditioners.  Out of all the ones we analyzed some have been forgotten and some remain, like the “NEXT for the bath….” call.  We still turn off the tap when we clean our teeth, after measuring the amount of water that just pours down the drain this is certainly imprinted in our minds.  We gave up on recycling the bath water perhaps someone will design a system that does this without too much effort.

Some other ideas that kids can do –Walk to school where possible.  Recycle your rubbish and donate packets and egg cartons to the school.  Our school also has a veggie garden that the kids grow, they have a compost bin and collect all the scraps from the school lunches for the worm farm or compost bin. One can imagine the volume of scraps that a school has over the lunch hour.  That’s recycling, now why not use the same idea at home.  You can even take it a step further and have a couple of chooks, recycle your scraps to feed them and collect your own fresh eggs.  I have actually even seen a school with their own chooks.

I have been reading about green school supplies which means that come the beginning of the year, the idea is for the kids recycle their stationary and pencil cases.  Not sure if this will take off but lots of parents would be happy.  Perhaps the school could look at this one.

Also, one parents will like – tell your kids to turn off those video games as they use lots more energy than the TV or the computer that is why they feel hot afterwards.  Go outside and use your own energy.  Even if you get your kids to do one of these, it’s a step forward.  You could even consider having a veg patch of your own or to start with try a herb garden.  You will be amazed in how much your children will enjoy this and also the sense of achievement when you child sees and eats the products they have grown and maintained themselves. TRY IT TODAY!!

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