This was on Better Homes and Gardens last year and I always wondered if this was that easy and yes it is.... Great to brighten and inspire kids or play rooms.  This is something parents will have to do, hot glue guns and hair dryers are NOT kid-friendly!

Supplies: you will need a primed canvas, hot glue gun, glue stick, a hair dryer, lots of crayons and newspaper.

**Canvas' of all sizes can be found at all larger newsagents and you will need two packs of crayons or more depending on the size of canvas you use.


  • Pick-out-crayons-and-line-them-up-3Hot-glue-gun-the-crayonsStep 1: Hot glue gun a line of crayons along top edge of canvas, with tip of crayons pointing down. You’ll need doubles or triples of each colour to cover width of canvas. For best result, group colours together as they appear on a colour wheel.


  • 5-10-minsStep 2: Using a hair dryer, melt tips of crayons and blow melted crayon wax down face of canvas. Be careful not to overheat crayons, and work slowly and evenly from end to end so colours blend. Let dry completely.
  • This process can take over and hour to complete.  You will have to play with the setting on your hairdryer switching between a high to medium setting depending on your hair dryer.  Also some colours melt quicker than others, I have no idea why!!! Remember to have newspaper everywhere as this does make a splattering mess!! Be patient, the end result it worth it.
  • Step 3: Hang your artwork in kids
  • 89579480058210715_NrvTwFLG_crooms or play rooms.  As canvas are usually quiet light, Use 3M removable mounting hooks or tape.
  • Optional:  Make two or three in the same size, making use of inspirational words (like pictured right).  You can also make shapes, you don't have to glue your crayons in a straight line!!!


  • If you decide that this is a great idea for
    you and want to try it, don't forget to post it to our facebook page and show us how it turned out!!!!
  • 55309901643383907SJCxfwoecAlso a great and unique gift for nieces, nephews or friends kids.

Enjoy Karen 🙂

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