My three year old has been in day care for nearly a year. She goes two days a week. Trouble is she still cries/is clingy/needs to be cuddled by a carer whenever I leave. She seems happy when I pick her up. Can you tell me how I can make daycare drop off easier. Next year my daughter needs to go three days a week, which I'm dreading. help 

toddler-cryingDaycare drop-offs can sure be difficult. As painful as it is to walk away with your little one crying and not wanting to separate, it may help you to remember that actually it is a good sign that your daughter is so attached to you. Separation anxiety is a symptom that your child is so strongly bonded to you and has formed such a strong attachment that they become upset when you leave and separate from them. It means that you both have a strong bond.

It is also a developmental stage that your child goes through at various ages and the separation becomes more difficult. When I talk to a parent trying to make the drop off’s easier one of the main suggestions is too make the routine the same, arrive at the same time, get your child involved in the same activity.

Next make your child independent, get them to carry their bag into the daycare, talk on the way about what they are going to do next, ask them questions to distract their brain. Get them to put their backpack into the shelf, lunchbox into the fridge. Avoid carrying them into the room. Avoid handing your child over to the carers arms. Put your child down onto the floor and get them involved in an activity.

shutterstock_171793904-845x321Always say goodbye, avoid the temptation to sneak out. If possible get them to stand at a gate or a window and wave goodbye to you as you leave. You may also find that with the extra day, they find the transition easier as it isn’t so long between daycare days.

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