My 10 month old is going through a difficult sleep period. He cries so loud at night that he wakes my five year old who has difficulty going back to sleep once awake. I find that I have two sleep problems to deal with each night and I’m not sure what to do. How can I help my 10 month formerly good sleeper, sleep through the night without calling (screaming) out for me. 

92347348Night time certainly becomes difficult when you have two children and parents often say to me that they are worried that the chid that is a poor sleeper with multiple night waking will wake their siblings and then you have two to deal with.  Or else they worry about waking Dad.  As a result you jump out of bed on auto pilot very quickly when the baby wakes and rush to them.  Rest assured you can solve this problem and soon everyone will have a great nights sleep.

Firstly you need to know why your 10 month old is waking?  And what your baby is looking for at the night waking?  This usually helps you to understand why and what you need to do.  If your baby is going through separation anxiety by day this can also be an issue at night.  Or else he may be hungry, usually night feeds are in the past by 10 months of age.  This is assuming that day feeds of milk and food are going well. If your baby is at daycare and has a big day, they can be so tired at the end of the day that they do not eat properly.  If this is the case then work on the other 4 meals of the day and do not expect too much at dinner time just some food and then top up with milk.

Have a look at sleep associations  or sleeping cues these are the things that your baby requires to fall asleep in the first place, have any of these changed of late?  As he will be looking for the same cues during the night and if it involves you then this can be why he’s calling out needing you.  In that case work on changing these at the beginning of the night first.

So once you work out why he is waking and what he is needing from you – then work on changing this so that he is able to sleep and resettle himself during the night multiple times with little or no effort, then all you will hear is a few noises as he drifts in and out of sleep cycles.  This can be solved and usually quite quickly within a week if he was a previously great sleeper.

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