images-3Tired of listening to yourself nag? Most parents are. Nagging just frustrates you more. You never wanted to be the nagging parent yet you can’t seem to get your children to respond.   The most common ones you hear from yourself are to pick up toys, tidy your bedroom, do your homework, clean your teeth, get ready to go out and doing jobs around the house. This is a frequent complaint I hear from parents who are desperate for some strategies to make their household more peaceful.

The key to nagging is that your children simply do not listen to what they do not wish to hear. They know you will remind them ten times to do something so they think, “why should I do it when I’m asked to do something the first time? I’ll be reminded again.” They become what I call ‘parent-deaf’, you know how you often wonder if they are actually deaf! Children are then setting the rules or the agenda and parents follow. Problem is you are often set in a vicious cycle of parents nagging and children refusing. Eventually it works but its annoying for everyone.

To break out of this habit, you as the parent need to use the power of consequences. So stop talking in a way that is nagging and when you remind you child to do something have the “once only” rule, remind once. Then is they do not do it you need to take action. Your children know exactly what is expected of them, they heard you the first time. Some examples of consequences: afternoon tea is on after the lunchboxes are on the kitchen bench, toys left lying around are confiscated for a while, parents do not have to enter untidy bedrooms for night time stories and are not tucked in. If they don’t do their homework they must deal with consequences at school. If they don’t clean their teeth they miss out on juice and sweets the next day as they cause decay. Children who are not ready to go out go in their pj’s or as they are.

Children need to experience the consequences of not doing their part and the learning is large for them and you feel much better too

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