“A child who always forgets has a parent who always remembers”

o-MOM-STRESS-WORKING-MOM-WORKING-MOMS-facebookAny parent who has primary school age kids can relate to the left swimming bag at the front door, or the homework book left on the backseat of the car. Now for the first dozen of times this happens, we dutifully drive back to the school and deliver the forgotten item trying to help our child avoid the stress of telling their teacher they forgot their swimmers, homework book or violin. But there comes a time in every parents life where they need to take stock as their frustration builds and builds as the forgotten items continue.

Every time you rescue your child and feel sorry for them and return the forgotten item to them, yes they are grateful but does it really make the remember it next time? Unfortunately this is one of lifes lessons, once your child experiences the consequences of telling their music teacher that they left their violin at home, or missing their swimming lesson at school while all their class jumps in the water on a hot day will they start to take note in their own brain and think, “i need to remember my swimming bag on Tuesday morning”.

While we as parents, pick up the pieces and fix it, they will not be motivated to organize themselves and learn and change and remember. So next time you sigh at having to run back to the school, difficult at it is, Stop, make a different choice and then watch as your child learns and becomes responsible for their own items. Rescuing is often easier than watching them fall and learn. But learn they need to.


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