I have put together a routine for parents as a guidance for toddlers 18-24 months.  This is not a strict minute by minute routine but a loosely based guideline to follow to keep routine and structure in your toddlers lives as children thrive on routine and it is very important in theirs and your family's life to have structure.  Enjoy


7am -  Morning Milk Drink OR Breakfast

if your toddler is still interested, some toddlers have given up their milk by this age. If your toddler wakes up early wait until 7am for Milk or Breakfast.

If your toddler is still asleep at it’s 7am then let them sleep, let them wake naturally on their own (unless you have to go)

If your toddler isn’t having their morning milk anymore then just start with breakfast.

8am - Breakfast 

Breakfast if they had milk first up. If your toddler is having their morning milk drink then breakfast should be ideally about 1 hour later.

Outside play is a great idea first up in the morning or doing jobs around the house.

10am Morning Tea,

Fruit is a great choice, biscuits and cheese plus a drink of water or milk.

Inside Play works well at this time have a range of activities to move through say 2 or 3.

11am Tidy up time

Tidy up time and Time to wind down before lunch, some quiet activities or playing by themselves while you get lunch organized is a great idea.

11.30am Lunch

Start lunch late morning so that by the time they eat, clean up you can then move straight to bedtime.

12 Noon – 2pm/2.30pm,   Sleep time

It's sleep time !!! You are looking for a nice long sleep of 2-3 hours in length, often 2 ½ hrs.

When your toddler wakes from their sleep, they will be ready to eat again, this is afternoon tea.

2.30 pm   Afternoon Tea

How much your toddler eats here usually depends on how much and well they ate at lunch time – yoghurt, fruit, small sandwich are great options

3pm – 5pm Afternoon Play time

trying to get outside from 4pm onwards is a great idea if the weather allows. Be sure to include tidy up time in the last 15 mins before going outside.

5.00pm Dinner Time

6pm Bath time

6.40pm Milk Drink

Milk drink before bedtime, can be a breastfeed, bottle or cup. This is a top up before a nights sleep and usually a nice relaxing part of your toddlers routine. Add a book into the routine here or before the milk drink as part of their bedtime routine.

7pm Bedtime

Put your toddler to bed fully awake or sleepy but awake and let them self-settle to sleep

  • If your toddler is a 6.30am riser then adjust the bedtime at night to 6.30pm and move the sleep and meal times forward by 30mins during the day, where needed

If you are having problems with toddlers sleeping through the night or any other toddler like behaviours that prohibit sleep please don't hesitate to call us for in-office consult, Skype appointment or email appointment.  


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