sweet dreamsHow do you suggest I make sure my five year old sleeps to 7am?  She is waking at 6am and I’m finding that’s not enough for her now she is at prep.  Her bedtime is between 7pm and 7.30pm.  Is she at the age I can say to her to stay in her room until the clock hits 7am? 

Parents often find that once their pre-schooler starts  prep the sleep they were getting is certainly not enough.  We now have a system where children at the age of 5 years are at school 5 days a week, 9-3.  Which is certainly exhausting for them.  There is two options for extending her sleep.  The first is to make her bedtime earlier, I know it’s early by aim for 6.30-7.00pm so that she is asleep by 7pm.  It means that you need to bring your whole afternoon routine forward half an hour, this may not fit adult schedules but it’s what little kids need.

If this is impossible or too difficult then the second option is to certainly say to her that 7am is wake up time.  This means that any waking up before that involves staying in your bed and waiting till the clock gets to 7am. 7am is a very reasonable time. You can use a clock in her room that she can learn to read or I have found lots of parents have benefited from the Momo Sleep Trainer clock which is designed specifically for early risers.

Microsoft Word - 3 clocks togetherYou simply set the wake up time you desire, and  when your child goes to bed at night, Momo (who’s a monkey) simply closes his eyes (by a button)in the morning  his eyes will open at the set wake up time.  Simply if his eyes aren’t open, it’s still sleep time.  If they are open, its getting up time.  It’s a very simple concept but very effective in age from 3 years onwards.  It really does work.  There is also the day /night clock of a similar concept however it teaches kids about daylight and darkness and in my experience the clock doesn’t copy what is actually happening outside the window and children become confused and negotiate with it!

Your daughter can certainly learn and quickly to sleep to 7am using either of these methods, so long as you are consistent with it for a week or two.  We think the Momo Sleep Trainer clock is so good that we are a stockist of it.  For more information go to www.babysmiles.com.au/store. 

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