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Summertime, and the living is easy - at least until we have to get the kids awake dressed and ready for school after a sweltering 40+ degree night.  But if you are finding your kids are not getting enough sleep you are not alone.  The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute found that 40% of children have a sleep problem in the first 6 months of starting school.  With the most common reported difficulties being falling to sleep, waking in the night, and fear of sleeping alone.  And if you are feeling stressed about your children’s lack of sleep - that’s normal too.   The study found that children’s sleep problems are also associated with poor child and parent mental health.  Have a regular bedtime.

What can we do?   10 tips to get your kids to sleep

  1. Make the bedrdinosnoresoom a comfortable quiet cool dark place to sleep, with no television or other electronic devices.   In know that can be tricky in summer but do the best you can.
  2. Have a regular calming bedtime routine.  In our home we do bath, teeth, books, then aDinosnores sleepy story CD.
  3. Use a bedtime relaxation CD (like Dinosnores sleep CDs) to teach the children to slow down their mind and body after a busy day.
  4. Avoid the “I can’t sleep” argument.  Ask children to “lie down and rest their bodies” instead of telling them to “go to sleep”.
  5.  Avoid TV computer or electronic games two hours before bedtime - as they have all been found to make sleep more difficult.  Try encouraging playdough play, drawing or lego play instead.
  6. Get the kids out exercising in the day to help them sleep at night.
  7. Avoid caffeine and sugar saturated foods.
  8. Talk to your doctor to rule out medical causes of sleep difficulties.
  9. During the holidays anticipate some disruptions at bedtime if you are changing your family routine.

And give yourselves and your children permission to find bedtime challenging.  You are not alone!

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Sherene Alfreds - Developer of Dinosnores Sleepy Stories

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