120103165012When is the best time to make the transition to no nappy at night? I think my 3.5 year old is ready, as she has been out of nappies during the day for nearly a year. I don't want to push the issue too soon nor do I not want to miss an opportunity to progress to the next stage of nappy free life. 

Often its one of the most unsure parts of the parenting journey yet also one of the most anticipated when it comes to leaving the night nappy behind.  Parents are keen to progress but well and truly aware that do not want to push their child too quickly for fear that it doesn’t go so well and toilet training goes backwards.

Usually once your child is dry during the day or what is often called ‘day training’ it is usually a year later as a general time-frame that they are physically ready for staying dry during the night ‘night training’.

As you have been through toilet training you will no doubt realize that there is a lot of skills involved in toilet training and some are heavily reliant on whether their body is physically and developmentally ready for that stage.  When it comes to night training – your child isn’t ready until they have woken up with a dry nappy or pull up for at least 3 nights in a row.  Before that your child just isn’t ready physically so there is no point starting.

It is also really important to know that once there is the at least 3 dry nights in a row then you MUST move onto toilet training for nights straight away.  Failure too, can quickly lead to a motivated child who’s ready to try to one who shrugs their shoulders and thinks subconsciously,’ I don’t have to hold on all night’ or ‘i don’t have to wake up and get to the toilet’ because i have a nappy on and can just let it go instead.  Then, you certainly miss the window of opportunity for night time toilet training and then it becomes hard work!

Also I must say that like all stages of development there is the average and then children who are quicker than the one year between day and night toilet training. As well there are children who may take many extra years, many between day and night.  So rather than stress, and try different strategies if you have doubts or questions then talk to a health professional who is knowledgable and can assist you with the right information when it comes to toilet training.

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