saftey-at-homeWhen it comes to night time toilet training, your child will either be a ‘hold on all night’ or a ‘get up and go’ kid.  One of the first steps to chat about to your child with nights is which do they think they are?  It is usually clear which they are.

If they are a ‘get up and go’ kid, this means that when their bladder becomes fuller and fuller during the night at some point their bladder is bursting and becomes uncomfortable and says to their brain (maybe it even shouts!) – hey wake up brain, you have to wake up and get to the toilet, NOW!!  There brain has to listen to their bladder and work together.

Once they wake themselves up, they need to get to the toilet, go – empty their bladder and get themselves back to bed, ideally all by themselves.  As a parent you need to make sure that this is all easy for them.  Firstly they will need a light.  You can give them a torch, or a portable night light that they can take with them, I love the BabyZoo night lights for this, or leave the light on in the toilet itself or if too bright and a lower watt bulb isn’t doable, leave the light on in the hallway or bathroom.

Then they need to practice, practice the route during the daytime and again before bedtime.  They will soon become familiar.  Make sure there is nothing to trip on during the night.  Most children when they first start to wake up and go during the night, like to either come and wake mum or dad to take them (being positive is the key – not cranky) then progress to going on their own but still waking you and letting you know they are going.  Sometimes they just like to call out and tell you as they are walking there.  Be sure to call back, “Okay Jack”  they just need that reassurance.

Remember just be positive and celebrate the dry nights – leave out the language about ‘wet beds’ and never say ‘naughty’ ‘smelly’ etc.  This just unmotivates kids and they then go backwards.  So be positive through the whole learning experience.  A sticker chart to keep a record of dry nights is a great idea, again focus on the dry nights not wet.  A prize box to choose from with tiny little toys or pencils or animals etc is a great idea.  Skip the big expensive gifts there is no need.

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