Toilet Training-9Ah, Toilet Training... it is one of the most anticipated and yet often feared of parenting tasks. You see, we as parents just don’t want to ‘get it wrong’. You dream of the day when your toddler will be toilet trained, when you no longer have to walk down that aisle at the supermarket and buy those nappies, again. You dream of all the money you will save, of no more nappy changes. Often a messy, sometimes smelly and always thankless job of being a parent.

No more squirming toddlers to hold down, or distract or convince to lie still just one more time. You are probably like all of us, have read different articles on what to do, how to do it and been in awe of those promises of ‘Toilet trained in three days’.   Is that possible? Really?

It is such a much asked for question in my talks with parents, that it is the topic of my second book. Based on all my work with toddlers, parents and behaviour not to mention my own experience I have outlined a simple six step process for Toilet Training easily.   But one aspect I find is often overlooked is this: Are you, the parent ready for toilet training? We talk about toddlers being ready and have checklists but what about you? This
is really important because if it isn’t the right time for you toilet training is a hard job, one where you have to be consistent for weeks if not a couple of months. And positive, positive, positive plus patience, patience and patience. This is extremely difficult to do for weeks at a time if it’s not the right time in your life. Because you have to drive these steps. So if you are going through a difficult time yourself, feel frustrated with your toddler, are tired, impatient then now isn’t the right time to toilet train. Let it go and wait another six weeks and ask yourself these questions again.

I am holding a session for parents on this topic ‘How to Toilet Train’ on Saturday the 19th May in the afternoon, so if you would like to get my top tips on toilet training then it’s a worthwhile use of your time to learn whether you are ready, and whether your toddler is ready to toilet train.

Bookings are essential, you can book here. If you are organized, positive and energetic then toilet training could be the next developmental milestone that you achieve with your toddler and then you can move to the ‘No more Nappies’ stage.


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