baby pottyYou have successfully mastered daytime toilet training and then you start to wonder when night time toilet training or night time dryness starts?  The answer to this, is that it is usually at least a year after daytime dryness. For some children it can be two, three or more years before their body is ready.   Just like daytime training, there is no point deciding to start just  because you, as a parent are motivated, it takes more than that.  It is quite complex for a child to be able to hold onto their filling bladder all night while they are asleep.

In order to be dry all night a few things need to happen first.  A child’s bladder needs to be stretchy enough to hold the volume that accumulates over the entire night.  Secondly their bladder and the muscles involved in squeezing tight, need to talk, very well, to a sleepy and tired brain.  Without the two talking and in sync there will be no nightime dryness.  Now that bladder muscle has to hold on and squeeze very, very tight.  Only holding tight just so... will result in a trickle.   Think about a balloon filled with water and the pressure involved there, this is how I like to explain the bladder to children.

As a parent the first sign you are looking for is a dry pull up or nappy for about 4 or 5 consecutive nights – one after the other.  A couple of dry nappies is not enough.  So look for 4 or 5 and then do not hesitate to talk to your child, get them ready to give night holding on a way.  Starting too early won’t work just like waiting too long.  If you are not quite ready to start and put off and put off taking off the nappy at night when your child is ready, lots of children then go ‘oh well, my pull ups on are anyway, why put the effort into holding on’ and then get a little unmotivated to go with night time training.  So when they are ready, it’s time to start.  A final tip, some children are ‘get up and go’ kids, where when they feel their bladder filling they can wake up and go, this means being able to get themselves to and from the toilet in the night.  Also a little reward such as a stamp on their hand in the morning for a dry night it a great idea to keep them motivated.  Be sure to keep it all very positive.

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