Biting is a stage all toddlers go through, how you manage the biting is essential to whether it develops as a behaviour or not.  As you may have seen, like so many other parents it can soon become a game to everyone else’s dismay.

The best advice I can give parents dealing with children who bite is to stop this game in its tracks.  My advice for dealing with this is to hold your baby when they bite, immediately place them on the floor and walk away with no words, explaination or look.  I would also encourage if you have other children whom are being bitten to do the same and this extends to grandparents and friends to react in much the same way.  If they are sitting with the child and playing or talking to them when they bite, immediately get up off the floor and walk away from the child quickly.  The social isolation will be enough of a deterrent to eliminate this behaviour.

Once your child is left on their own, they will quickly stop this game. Be sure not to look at the child, talk or touch them more than necessary when you place them on the floor and walk away.  Of course, the child will be unhappy at this change of events, and their protesting is really about ‘what are you doing, where are you going, isn’t this the game we play?’ not along the lines of ‘ you are mean to leave me on my own, how disrespectful, what a terrible mother you are’.

Stay away till the child’s protesting stops, then wait another few minutes for their mood to calm down, re-enter and pretend nothing has previously occurred.  This will only take a few days for the behaviour to dramatically reduce.

What the child was doing out of a stage of development, ie. biting, soon became a behaviour when people around her reacted and it became worthwhile for them.  Apply this rule to any other behaviours your children present with and you will rid the behaviours.


Nicole Pierotti

Written by Nicole Pierotti

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  1. Biting is a very annoying thing that babies do. It should be stopped immediately and what other mothers do is to lightly spank the child which does not change the habit. It is most advisable that you do walk away and isolate the child. Just to be safe, you should put them in their playpen before leaving them before they bring danger onto themselves.

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