I am a first time mum and I’m dumbfounded at how difficult my two year old can be. She has regular meltdowns, refuses to do what I ask, and is generally non stop from dawn to dusk (with a two hour sleep in between). When do toddlers grow out of such behaviour? First time, exhausted, mum of a tot


Parenting is certainly an exhausting and challenging job.  Some children are definitely more challenging than others.  Regardless of your childs particular personality the age of 1-2 years is full on with ‘running everywhere’ the age 2-3 years is full on with ‘ the ability to say NO and to see what mummy does about it’.

My suggestions for keeping up with your daughter are several.  Have a routine at home for the day and by this I mean regular...... Click here if you are a member, login and read the rest of the article.

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