Starting Solids 


iStock_000014122768SmallThere is no exact time to start solids.  There are different rules in different cultures, different social groups and different families.  The advice which you will receive from health professionals is often different and thus it becomes confusing for parents.

My advice is that for a fairly large majority of the babies that I look after that they are interested in solid food by 3 months.

The boys seem to be  a little more hungry than the girls.

How do you know when?

 There is two different signs that I look for to know when your baby is ready for solids,

  • First sign is  if their sleep is going well your baby may begin to sleep through the night in the second month or at least be having big blocks of sleep which are 6-8-10 hrs long.
  • Second sign, then for no reason your baby starts to awaken during the night, they are genuinely hungry and looking  for a feed. Your baby is showing you their need for extra nutrition. It may be time to start solids.

Here are some great tips about when you can stop pureeing your baby's food.

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