getting-baby-to-sleep_364x200_761274601: Sleep baby on the back from birth, not on the tummy or side.

2: Sleep baby with head and face uncovered and DO NOT use pillow, doonas, soft cuddle toys, and cot bumpers anywhere in the cot. I know it all looks cute when you are purchasing a cot and all the bits and pieces BUT NO NO... nothing in the cot is SAFER!!

3: Keep baby smoke free environment before birth and after. Passive smoking not only increases the risk of SIDS though research has suggested it also leads to many health issue in children.

4: Provide a safe sleeping environment night and day, Use a safe cot that meets the current Australian standards also use a safe mattress: firm, clean, flat (not tilted or elevated), right size for the cot.

5: Do not put your baby to sleep on a water bed or bean bag this is not a safe sleeping environment.

6: Sleep baby in their own safe sleeping place. In the first 3-6 this may be in a bassinet in parents rooms though shortly after this can be moved to their own room. Position baby’s feet at the bottom of the cot...Tuck blankets in firmly or use a safe baby sleeping bag.

7: Lastly, care, nurture and love your child... for more safe sleeping tips, advice on tummy time and wrapping your baby go to the SIDS for KIDS site at


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