sofia_night_yellow_gus_1What’s your take on using a night light in bub’s cot? I’ve noticed many of my friends use a nightlight and I’m wondering if I should do the same when my bub is born (I’m 32 weeks pregnant with my first child). Does using a night light cause sleep problems or help put bub to sleep?

As a first time parent, there is so many different ‘should I’s or shouldn’t I?’ questions to consider when working out how you are going to care for your baby.  Most parents want to do the best by their baby.  To use a nightlight or not is one such questions.

My recommendation to parents is that a night light can be handy and provides a nice soft light.  If you get into the habit with a baby of sleeping with the night light on all night, then this is what they will cue in as their sleeping cues very strongly and this is what they will expect.  So you need to consider both of these.

Whenever I do a workshop with expectant parents, I certainly recommend having a night light or lamp, on very, very low light.  If it’s a lamp, put in the lowest wattage bulb you can get.  A night light is better, and I would say to specifically get a night light that has a self timing function.  By this I mean that there is a switch where you can set the timer for the night light to turn off, usually intervals such as 10-20-30 minutes.  So when putting your baby to bed and having a cuddle, turning on the night light and some relaxing music as part of your routine as you place them in their cot.  I would also go a night light that runs on batteries as it is then portable rather than stuck in the powerpoint and only in once place.

The night light will then turn off after 30 mins, and if you have a choice of low or higher light, always select the lowest one.  By this time your baby will be asleep.  If you need to go into their room during the night then you can simply touch the nightlight to turn it on so you can see to do whatever you need, feed, etc.  As humans we are meant to sleep in the darkness so this is a good situation to set up from the beginning.  There are lots of different night lights around however avoid the colours blue or green as that light interferes with the sleep hormone released in our brain.  I prefer the BabyZoo night lights, they have a soft light, come in 3 colours, have auto switch off and children can carry these are they are cool to touch (do not heat).  Babyzoo night lights are available in our online store now.

View Gus the Night Light in action below.


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