What is meeting a psychologist for parenting really like?

desknicole-1024x682I have a pretty special job, everyday I am able to meet new parents I haven't met before or catch up with others to discuss where their family is now at. We talk about how things are going at home, what is going well and what isn't so great. What a privilege to be part of such a inner circle.

There is always endless topics to discuss from the most effective type of rewards for children, to making the most of a child's intelligence, from toys to avoid to toys that are a must. Add in defiant behaviour, sensitive kids, tv viewing, jobs aimed at ages, sleep or lack of, routines, separating families, grandparents dying just to name a few.

With every parent I always notice that all parents are just trying to do their best. Often they are not sure which strategy to choose- a, b or c. Parents come in with two questions to discuss but take away strategies on other side issues.

We all know what a difficult role it is being a parent however I have seen and I now actively encourage parents to touch base with me quite regularly. We have parenting reviews every 6 months, it is always what is amazing that has changed in six months, where you where on track you find life has pulled and veered you off course, with a little focus or some new strategies you quickly get your family back on track. This is what I call ‘parent coaching’ yes we have coaches for our work life for our performance, productivity, enjoyment and we have coaches for our kids for their sport, dance so that when they are learning a new skill they can get expert advice and tips from their coach and try and fast track progress and avoid common mistakes. Sounds just what a parent needs doesn’t it? Perhaps these were roles previously filled by family, grandparents etc and now with our busy lives and geographic spread it makes perfect sense to have a coach to assist you.

Today there is so much information available and we can read so much, it then becomes hard to filter out what is really important. Parents everywhere have this problem. So if you are wondering what it is really like to visit a psychologist and discuss where your family is at this what it is really about. Think parent coaching!

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