I'm due to give birth in June to my first child and have been researching all the different baby sleep techniques. There's so much conflicting advice that I'm more confused than ever on what technique to use. What have you found to be beneficial? I like the techniques in the book by Elizabeth Pantley, the No-Cry Sleep Solution but am worried I won't be able to follow them to the tee.

 Over the last 10 years I have read hundreds of books on sleep and techniques.  So I’ve done it all for you.  Yes, it’s highly confusing and one would think logically that there should be some consensus on what works best as there are literally millions of babies born every year.  But there isn’t.  Lots of books are written by people who actually aren’t sleep experts.  Sleep experts usually agree on a similar set of foundations.

My best advice for you would be to come and do my workshop for expectant parents.  There is 2 hours devoted to sleep techniques, golden rules, what to aim for and why so you can understand and make decision on the spot with a newborn baby.  All parents who do my workshop have a baby that sleeps through the night by 12 weeks of age.  By this I mean they sleep from 7pm to 7am with one dream feed before you go to bed. No night waking.  Have a look at my website there is an audio about my workshop and comments from parents who have done the workshop.  If you like, phone my reception and we can mail a promo cd out to you about the workshop.

If you are after a book – my recommendation is of course my book, BabyCare 0 – 6 Months and the accompanying DVD which can be purchased from our website.  If you would like a more in depth insight into sleep I would also recommend Brian Symons “Silent Nights” available at most bookshops or see his website.

Nicole Pierotti

Written by Nicole Pierotti

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