Parent’s have long wondered what it is that their baby is thinking about or wanting.  And what if I said to you that you could find out.  Interested?  Well we are talking about teaching your baby, at about 6 months of age, baby sign language.  All babies learn to wave a hand for bye-bye, shake their heads back and forth for no, and nod them up and down for yes.  These gestures are examples of baby signs – simple easy to remember signs that babies can use to talk about things in their world that they don’t have words for yet. You do not learn formal sign language, these are just natural gestures and actions that you already use with your baby.

I first came across baby signs after watching a programme where a 10 mth old baby, (who at this age usually has limited language ie. May say mummy & daddy and a few other choice words,) after being on a holiday in the snow, signed to his mother as the plane was landing back home.. “where has all the snow gone?” How amazing is that! And how fascinating to think your baby understands, intellectualizes and can ask.

Imagine your baby of 10 mths being able to tell you if they wanted to go outside or read a book or have more to eat.  Or that they needed their nappy changed. Think about your baby waking up in the middle of the night crying, you go in, they tell you they are hot or cold,  how helpful would that be. And from your Baby’s point of view, how great to finally be understood easily. Baby Signs is one of the best things you can do for your baby.  It shows that babies understand language and can use signs to tell their parents what they need, feel and think.  Long before they can speak.

Most parents wonder if teaching their baby signs actually slows down language development because why bother if you can sign and already be understand.  Well this is just as interesting, research has shown that this actually helps babies to develop language skills earlier, as well as the added benefits of being able to tell you what they want.  So there will be less tears, tantrums and frustrations.

Sounds good and want to know more? All the in and outs and signs are drawn and described in the book; “Baby Signs – How to talk with your baby before your baby can talk”.

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    Well shoot, we are past the baby food days, but I have alot of friends who are about to reisivt it. I will mention this to them! Always looking for better ways to be green and stay tasty! Thank you for following! Following you back! Have a blessed day!

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