Workshop – Session 2: Toddlers & Sleep


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Toddler Workshop Nicole Pierotti

Nicole has spent 10 years putting together a one-on-one workshop for parents-of-toddlers to learn how to care for their toddler.  Often parents find themselves with a whole new set of challenges with a toddler, they are learning that they can get where they want to, they can even say 'no' and do not do as you ask.   Nicole will run this 2 hr group workshop and educate parents on toddlers and sleep and everything in between.

What will Nicole talk about - 

Nicole will take you through sleep at this workshop to make sure your toddler is sleeping through the night eg. 7pm to 7am no night waking.  Yes, this is possible for every toddler!

She will also talk about daytime sleeps and when to drop the second nap, bedtime routine, cot to bed and the transition of getting you toddler to sleep in their own bed, avoid the bedtime tantrums and much more!

Price : $59.95 per person  (ONLY 30 places available) 

Date: Saturday 23rd September 2017

Time: 1:30pm- 3:30pm  **time may change 

Place: Oaks M on Palmer, 81 Palmer Street, Townsville Q 4812 (Metropole Hotel function rooms level 2)


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