93b1accda8338b64d7ecdc3ed5d375fbEveryday I receive messages and emails from very tired parents who feel that they are going around in circles trying to solve their baby or child's poor sleep habits.

So here is my checklist that I automatically go through in my head based on 15+ years of learning and experience on working with families and sleep.

My recommendation is to go through this checklist thinking about your family and whichever one/one's you can't tick off and start there.  Work consistently on achieving or simply change this then re read the list.

You will find articles on each of these points on my website under the membership section if you need more information on this exact topic and what to do.

Nicole's Guide to teaching your Baby - Child Healthy Sleep Habits

  • Can your baby - child fall asleep without you needing to help?
  • No sucking to sleep happening?  (this includes dummy's, nipples, bottles)
  • Is your baby - child in their own sleep space?  (Cot, bassinet, bed)
  • Are they falling asleep on their own, by them-self? (no company)
  • Are they going to bed at the right time? ( probably 7 pm ish)
  • Are they full of food?
  • Did you let your child eat until they told you they where full, not you deciding that's enough?
  • Are they full of milk?
  • Was there at least 30 mins between food and milk? (my preference is more like an hour)
  • Are you caffeine free if breastfeeding- this includes coffee, black tea, chocolate, coke, iced coffee, green tea
  • Is their room the right temperature for where you live? (not based on what you read in a book somewhere)
  • Do they have a sleep comforter? (Not you)
  • Did you have relaxing wind down time for 10-15 mins before laying down?
  • Do you have a sleep routine that you stick too?
  • Is their room darker?
  • When they wake during the night are you waiting - listening - thinking type of noise/cry - listening - waiting before you decide to do something?
  • When it comes to night feeds are they really hungry?
  • Can they put them-self back to sleep during the night as they naturally stir?
  • Does your baby - child wake hungry in the morning, ready to eat?
  • Do they wake in the morning in a good mood?
  • Are you being consistent?

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